Wedding day

....what to expect as the glamourising begins!

  • I arrive early at your venue to set up, and work to the time plan that we have agreed. If your photographer is coming to capture you before the ceremony, this will have been factored into our schedule too - allowing ample time to get the shots and keep everyone happy.
  • Bridesmaids are usually prepared first, the bride’s mother next, and lastly - because we want you to be as near perfect as possible- it's you! Just sit back, relax and let a steady pair of hands do the work!
  • Rest assured that while the tension mounts (and believe me it will!) I continue to work calmly and efficiently. My experience working on live TV and theatre has served me well working under pressure and to tight deadlines.
  • Final checks are carried out on all members of the bridal party just before departure time, I stay to attach your veil at the last moment and then you're ready to go!
  • Your make up is applied to last all day, it will ‘read’ well on film and to the naked eye, in addition to lasting well into the evening. Only lips should need retouching, and I supply you with top-up lipstick and facial blotting papers incase you start to glow just a little too much!