Bridal Party

Special treatment for your special people!

  • Ideally, bridesmaids will complement your own chosen look, but not compete with it! Naturally polished with a touch of glamour is usually the request.
  • Hairstyles for your girls can be designed with an overall ‘uniform’ look or alternatively, you might prefer each to have something different that suits their individuality yet still works as a harmonious collective.
  • Looks for your bridal party will be covered in detail at your trial. I’d suggest sharing your ideas and gathering feedback prior to us meeting if you can – it's always helpful to sound out bridesmaids so there's no crossed wires or nasty surprises in store for them on the Big Day! Pinterest is a great tool for this.
  • It's an important day for the Mums too. As always, complexion and colour schemes are taken into consideration to create a look that's both flattering, appropriate and comfortable to wear. There are lots of ‘make up virgin‘ Mothers out there and if this sound like your Mum . I promise to be extra gentle and light of hand with her!! She’s sure to be delighted.
  • Flower girls can usually be styled on the spot. Hair is quoted according to age, amount of hair and the required look. Makeup-wise, a sweep of blush and a tinted lip balm is often enough for tiny ones.
  • Over 12s, however, tend to have more sophisticated ideas, so again I quote accordingly.
  • I'm very happy to trial with Mums and Bridesmaids too should they wish to. This is by no means essential.
  • Most clients confidently let me create their look ‘ off the cuff’ on the morning.