empowering + enhancing women

My aim is to perfect what is already there, to help every client feel amazing, accentuating her best features without altering her individual style.

Are you looking for style-led hair + makeup that is polished, contemporary and seemingly effortless?

I have many years of specialist training and experience to help me make insightful and appropriate choices.

Let me assure you – I don’t do garish! Heavily contoured, overdone make up is not my thing.

I want to enhance your features to a level that makes you feel comfortable and confident , not enter you for Ru Paul’s drag race! 

I’ve worked with hundreds of happy clients over many years and the feedback I hear most often is 

“Wow, I still look like ME, just on a REALLY good day!”   I take that as a huge compliment.

So regardless of whether your own style leans toward pretty and feminine, classic corporate or a little bit rock chick – I can help you achieve the very best version of that look!

I particularly love attention to detail and will work with your colour schemes, accessories and overall event vibe to help create a really cohesive look that’s unique to you and your day. I love to get involved, it’s a big part of my job as a creative and most of all I want you to feel extra special and really shine.

My ethos

I would describe my creative direction as understated elegance with a bit of edge

….you know when you see someone that has a certain glow about them and you can’t quite put your finger on it but their skin looks great , their eyes ‘pop’ and a there’s a pretty flush in their cheeks.

Perhaps you like the way their hair frames and flatters the face, its soft and unstructured but will last all day the without stiffness of too much spray.

Well that’s how I like my bridal work to appear.  I take that same stylish subtlety, add in some artistic licence and translate it to echo the mood of your particular wedding aesthetic – be that  bohemian, country garden , festival,   traditional, mature beauty, whatever the design it’s my job to help bring that vision to life in accordance to what you feel comfortable with.

I make it my aim to listen well and understand your ideals before we set about creating a look that fits for you.

For events and evening glam we can go bigger, stronger, sexier as required because night-time lighting typically lends itself to a different approach. Your outfit choice also plays a big part in the direction we can follow.

But bridal beauty is often times softer with a romantic bias.

side note: What you won’t find me promoting (unless it’s for a TV character) is that heavily contoured, deeply tanned OTT style currently favoured by the likes of the Kardashians and Real Housewives.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching those shows as much as the next person , but that look – hmm, too fake, just not my jam!

If you were looking for foundation that’s a shade too dark or an inch too thick with big fat party lashes I’m sorry but you won’t find it here